Background Information

In early 2010, Robert Bonesteel, proprietor of Aqua Marine Construction, concentrating on waterfront development and Lily Schwabe, a UN Representative for an NGO engaged Sustainable Development and Climate Change at the United Nations started discussing the need for grassroots initiatives and businesses at a local level dealing with the green economy and sustainable development.  With the financial crisis hitting in October 2008 and energy prices soaring to record highs, a grassroots movement to preserve the quality of American life is emerging.

The idea of Aqua Marine Green, a sister company to Aqua Marine Construction was developed.  Robert Bonesteel has been recycling homes in LBI and Beach Haven West for over 20 years.  Aqua Marine’s first house move was in 1992.  As property values skyrocketed in the area, Homeowners were demolishing homes to build new ones.  These homes were in good condition and just needed a little TLC and a new owner.  Aqua Marine Construction has moved over 20 homes in the LBI area.

In January 2011 Aqua Marine Green was officially in business.